September 23, 2008

Flea-tique! on 100.3FM

Hi all,

Flea-tique! was invited to be on 100.3FM on 21st September by the fun and affable DJ Wilson Ng. It was a very candid radio show and although my rusty mandarin conversational skills have to be supported in english, Wilson had managed to help translate for the benefit of chinese listeners.

The audio file of the hour long interview will be up shortly!


Thanks for coming to Flea-tique! Late Night Edition

Hi all!

Thanks for coming to the Late Night Edition of Flea-tique! Everyone had a wonderful time and the crowd was so supportive! :D

Plans for the next Flea-tique! are on the way, likely the next one will happen in Jan'09 before CNY but if time permits, will definitely try for Dec'08 before X'mas.

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