July 05, 2010

Flea-tique! at Baybeats 2010 - August 20 to 22


Flea-tique! at Baybeats 2010 - August 20 to 22

We are going to be part of the
Baybeats Festival Village bazaar, it is held in conjunction with Baybeats 2010, a youth oriented indie music festival.

More info on the bazaar:

1. It is a bazaar to feature designers, labels or companies selling their own original products(imported or not, it's fine). Strictly no second hand/pre loved items allowed.

2. There is a standard booth space for $200 (2pcs x 1m tables for 3 days) and a small booth space for $130 (1pc x 1m table for 3 days - Extremely limited)

3. All booth spaces will be under a shared tentage with sufficient lighting.

4. After balloting, the priority goes to those booking for all 3 days.

5. It will be outdoors at the Lawn near Makansutra.

6. Limited spaces available.

7. Floor plan will only be released closer to the event date.

8. No additional tables are allowed to be brought in by vendors and limited display racks are only allowed within the designated spaces.

To participate in the ballot, we would like you to submit your details (Name, email address and contact number) and must include a picture sample/website featuring your items, to just.a.flea@ gmail.com. Do indicate which type of booth space you are looking for.

Participation deadline is by 21st July 2010. Successfull applications will be informed by 26th July 2010.

More info on the Baybeats Festival Village Bazaar:

More of the terms and conditions: